Presentations from past AAAL workshops. For future workshops, the short presentations will be evaluated and chosen based on the Rubric for Selecting AAAL Sessions.

Spring 2023

Fall 2019

Darel Bennedbaek
Adam Cohen
Alissa Droog
Victoria Eke
Jesse Loyer and Chase Schrader
Christopher Thomas

Fall 2018

Eva Revitt, Alvin Schrader, John Wright and Ebony Magnus
Michelle Brailey
Meera Nair
Morgan Hordal
Hanne Pearce

Spring 2018

Jessie Loyer
Keynote – aokstakiiksi: Blackfoot signage in the Riddell Library and Learning Centre

Sarah Snihurowych and Laura Hamonic
Survey Software and Research: Our Experience at UAL

Christina Hwang
ORCID-CA and Getting ORCID Buy-in from Faculty, Administration and Researchers

Luke Malone and Danica Dixon
Quick Books: Using Amazon to Fulfill Faculty and Staff Requests

Robert Tiessen and John Wright
Coping with the Big Deal: Paying, Unbundling, or Walking Away

Robyn Hall
The Library’s Role in Celebrating Faculty Publications

Fall 2017

Dr. Jason M. Harley
Keynote References: Time to Change our Filters: Psychologically Adapting to Information in the Post-Truth Era

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Spring 2017

Christie Hurrell and Kathryn Ruddock
Understanding Digital Scholarship Needs to Support the Evolving Nature of Academic Research

Nicole Loroff
A Year in Student Engagement and Outreach Programming at UAL

Kim Clarke and Leeanne Morrow
Using Play to Reduce Stress & Increase Cognition

Christine Brown
Re-Designing the Service Desk for Collaboration

Sandra Sarmiento
Maker Studio: Digital Literacy in Academic Libraries

Fall 2016

Kevin Tanner
“But you don’t look like a Librarian”: Reflections of an Early Career Professional on Identity and Professional Practice

Amanda Wakaruk
Copyright, Open Licensing and Academic Authors: What Librarians Need to Know

Kara Blizzard
Enhancing reference services with proactive chat

Spring 2016

Kathy Zarft
How Faculty Can add your Libguides Content to Moodle

Sandy Ayer
Library Consulting Overseas: The Engagement de l’Afrique Project

Jessica Norman
Developing an Embedded Librarian Program at a Polytechnic Institution

Leigh Cunningham & Valarie Westers
Blurred Lines ­ Redefining Technical Services in an Academic Library

Yvonne Phillips
Long Nights Against Procrastination at the Red Deer College Library

Fall 2015

Caroline Daniels, Erin Fields, Leva Lee & BCcampus
BC Librarians Get Open

Jessica Thorlakson
Research Metrics Series at Cameron Library

Dan Mirau & Tara Stieglitz
The Year of China

Spring 2015

Jessica Norman
Shifting Roles of Library Liaisons

Fall 2014

Sam Popowich (keynote speaker)
Open Source Adoption & Technological Capacity Building in Libraries

Robyn Hall & Mary Medinsky
Your AAAL:  Engaging You in Association Business

Robin Desmeules & Sandy Campbell
Acknowledging Academic Librarians’ Contributions in Research Publications

Janice Kung
Academic Health Research Data:  Which to Keep and Which Data Have No Archival Value

Liz Fulton-Lyne & Kerry Taillefer
Tutorial Centre and Library Unite!  Building a Writing Centre at NorQuest College

Fall 2013

Lauren Sergy
TAL Online training channel on YouTube

Liz Dennett & Sandy Campbell
What is a systematic review

Samuel Cassady
Budgeting with stats, stats & more stats
Budget Allocation Calculator Example
Budget Allocation Calculator