Canadian Copyriot: A Bibliography of the chaos of Canadian Copright

Over that past few years I’ve indulged my librarian pack rat proclivities. I’ve amassed three bibliographies that may be of interest to the library community. The first of these is Canadian Copyriot.

I started this bibliography as a response to the Copyright Board of Canada‘s awarding to Access Copyright (AC) an Interim Tariff as well as the hearings on the proposed Access Copyright Post-Secondary Educational Institution Tariff.

Canadian Copyriot is a publicly accessible bibliography of online resources, information, and statutes & case law related to copyright in North America. It’s meant to address the Canadian context, but also includes information related to the U.S.  and Europe). It provides access to a variety of resource that include:

  • Analysis, Commentary & News;
  • Bills, Statutes & Case Law;
  • Blogs & News sites;
  • Copyright Guides
  • General Reference
  • Open Access
  • Organizations
  • Public Domain Calculators
  • Regulatory, Licensing & Collection Agencies
  • Search for Copyrights
  • Treaties & Conventions

It was initially intended to provide access for St. Mary’s University College (StMU) faculty & staff to the copyright information and resources. Feel free to make use of this resource and if you have any suggested additions please forward them to

Subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up-to-date with new additions to this bibliography.

Next post I’ll cover the bibliography of Open Education Resources.

Brad Neufeldt
Director of Library Services
St. Mary’s University College Library


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