NorQuest College News

NorQuest College is getting into the collaborative groove: we circulated 1300 titles to our NEOS patrons in the first 3 months of NEOS membership, and on February 3rd we officially became part of the Edmonton Public Library’s L-Pass program. This enables students to use their NorQuest ID/library cards at all EPL locations. With NEOS and the L-Pass, our students have unprecedented access to libraries in Edmonton and across Alberta.

NorQuest Library established an Information Literacy Strategy and action plan in July 2013.  Two significant outcomes are underway; (1) Establish and pilot an integrated (tutorial and library) writing service, (2) Integrate information literacy outcomes into the program review cycle.

We have just completed the first phase of the Library’s website redesign project. Our goal is to have a new library website ready to launch in September 2014. We are analyzing the data from two surveys launched in mid-January (staff and students). The next step is to hold student focus groups.  We are asking students to participate with web design staff to develop the site’s architecture and navigation.  A final phase of consultation is set for spring when a second group will critique wireframe options. We are hopeful this will result in a user-centred library website.

Moving ahead we too are looking at a patron driven e-book model for 2014/15 and have big plans to work on our Information Literacy curriculum over the spring and summer months. 


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