Bibliograpy of Open Education Resources (bibOER)

bibOER is an offshoot of Canadian Copyriot.

British Columbia is now engaging in Open Access text book publication. And this follows on the precedent being set in the United States, where many larger academic institutions are setting up their own online OER repositories and MOOC’s. I began this bibliographic collection as a tool to market to St. Mary’s University College (StMU) faculty & staff the possibilities and opportunities to both use and contribute to Open Education repositories. I’ve grouped the materials in this collection into the following categories:

• Analysis, Commentary & News
• Associations, Consortia & Agencies;
• Blogs & News sites;
• Guides & Directories; and
• Repositories.

Most of the materials listed in this collection have been published under Open Access, Creative Commons, Public Domain principles, or a combination of the these three.

I hope that this collection will not only be a clearing house, of sorts, of copyright permissive & alternative resources for teaching, but that it will also add to the ongoing conversations about Open Education resources in the academic library context, and how we in Alberta might engage in such possibilities.

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In the final post in this bibliography series I’ll cover the Bibliographia Electronika, a collection of Open Access, Creative Commons, Public Domain, and Free but Copyrighted online databases and research resources.

Brad Neufeldt
Director of Library Services
St. Mary’s University College Library


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