Call for Mentorship Committee Members

The AAAL Mentorship Committee is seeking 2-3 AAAL members for 2-year terms, starting 2019-20.

The mentorship program benefits the career development of all involved. It facilitates support for early-career professionals, creates leadership opportunities for those farther along, and encourages networking across member institutions, all of which strengthens the profession at large.

Responsibilities include:

  • Calling for and reviewing applications for AAAL member mentors and mentees to serve for one academic year, September to April.
  • Pairing mentors and mentees.
  • Offering support and guidance on possible directions for mentorship by maintaining a resource list.
  • Maintaining and updating the Mentorship section on the AAAL website.
  • Conducting an annual program evaluation.
  • Seeking feedback and making recommendations to the AAAL Executive.
  • Reporting to the AAAL Annual General Meeting and Fall meetings.

Please contact any member of the Mentorship Committee if you need more information about the work of the committee.

If you are interested in being a committee member, please submit your name to the AAAL Chair Elects, Jesse Loyer ( and Ebony Magnus ( We’re hoping to have new committee members in place before the spring AAAL AGM meeting (May 10) so there can be an easy transition with the departing committee members.

Many thanks!

AAAL Mentorship Committee: Isobel Rancier, Kalin Jensen, Lindsey Whitson, Alison Foster


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