7 Questions with Nicole Palanuk

September’s installment of 7 Questions With… AAAL Members Nicole Palanuk, Manager, Library Instruction & Service at Yellowhead Tribal College.

1. What is something interesting you learned in the last month? I recently returned from the International Indigenous Librarians Forum held at the University of Manitoba. One of the things I learned from the Elders was about language. They spoke about the tie between language and identity — when you lose your language you lose who you are. Using another community’s language changes the way your ideas and thoughts are expressed because there are concepts that cannot be translated. So knowing your own language is really important to maintaining your identity.

2. What is your favourite colour? Red. I love to wear red outfits and red accessories.

3. What is your best piece of career advice?
Don’t be afraid to move! I’m originally from Ontario but I moved to Alberta for work. Sometimes your dream job may not be in the city you live in right now.

4. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? I would love to learn how to do graphic design.

5. What is your favourite thing to binge watch? Dr Who or Once Upon A Time

6. What is your proudest non-work related accomplishment? When I was in my early 20s I climbed Mt. Fuji. It was really difficult but the experience of viewing the sunset from the top of the mountain was worth it.

7. What is your favourite quote? The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.



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