Concordia Library’s Single Service Desk

Concordias New Library Service DeskThis past summer we made the switch from having three separate service desks to one single desk. And so far, the move has been a real hit with our students, faculty and staff.

Previously, when our three service desks were tucked away in their isolated corners, students were sent across the main floor from one desk to another. Now that our services are all in one place, a student can get help with looking for articles, printing, and checking out a book all in one go.

Our desk has also changed (we think) how people perceive library staff. At our new desk, which is now out front and center by the library’s main doors, we’ve had many students and faculty comment on how accessible and open we are.  If you happen to be in the Highlands area of Edmonton stop by and have a look at our spiffy new desk.


1 thought on “Concordia Library’s Single Service Desk

  1. Very cool Concordia. At least it always looks like someone is there. I bet it is also nice for those who are “on desk” because they have more company, discussion and idea generation!

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