Call for AAAL Chair-Elect and Committee Members

The Alberta Association of Academic Libraries (AAAL) is seeking volunteers for the following Executive Committee and Sub-Committee positions, to begin this fall. 

All staff from AAAL member institutions are eligible. We ask that for Executive Committee roles (we accept nominations or self-nominations), interested candidates include a brief statement of interest in your email.  For Sub-Committee positions, we only require an expression of interest.  

Please forward Executive Nominations and Sub-Committee nominations to Alison Pitcher ( 

The deadline for applications/nominations is Thursday, November 10th at noon. 

For a brief description of the roles please see below. If you have any questions about the roles, please reach out to Alison Pitcher (

Executive Committee Vacancies

Chair-Elect – (3-year term – first year as Chair-Elect, second year as Chair, third year as Past-Chair – note that the first year term is only a partial year). 

Responsibilities include: 

  • Call for volunteers for executive and standing committee positions as needed and ensure positions are filled and elections carried out as needed; 
  • Communicate changes to the Executive and Committee roster, including position terms, to the Communications Committee. 
  • Solicit applications for the Professional Development Award and oversee award disbursements

Sub-Committee Vacancies

Mentorship Committee – 1 vacancy (2-year term)

The Mentorship Committee is responsible for coordinating and supporting the AAAL Mentorship program (Sept-April), including calling for mentors and mentees, pairing participants, and soliciting feedback.

Communications Committee – 1 vacancy (2-year term)

The Communications Committee is responsible for the coordination of all AAAL communications, including the social media accounts and the AAAL blog. The vacant position is specifically for a webmaster but will help in overall communications work as well.

Statistics & Assessment Committee – 2 vacancies (2-year terms)

The Statistics & Assessment Committee is responsible for collecting, compiling, preserving, and distributing statistics from member institutions. The committee also assesses the statistics for relevant trends and shares the findings at the AAAL Spring AGM and Fall Meeting.

For a full list of responsibilities for each role/committee, please visit the AAAL Bylaws Page. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for considering!

Kind Regards, 

Alison Pitcher (AAAL Chair) 


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