Call for Hosts: AAAL Fall 2022 Meeting

The Alberta Association of Academic Libraries (AAAL) is currently seeking a host institution for our Fall 2022 Meeting, to be held in mid-November. 

The meeting will be held either in hybrid (in-person and online) format or fully online, dependent upon feedback from the membership. 

What does hosting a meeting involve for my institution? 

  1. Acting as host on the day of the meeting, including a presentation about your institution. 
  2. Providing a point of contact on the day of the meeting to provide opening remarks
  3. For an in-person gathering: arranging a meeting space and catering for attendees (catering costs covered by AAAL)
    • Space for participants to eat lunch — this can be in the same space and/or a nearby space
    • Meeting Technology: Computer, projector, internet connection.

As the Learning & Development Committee develops themes and programming, we also invite potential hosts to share their ideas with us. 

If your institution is interested in hosting, or if you have questions about hosting, please reach out to Alison Pitcher, AAAL Chair ( no later than Tuesday, September 13th. 

Kind Regards,

AAAL Executive


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