Second Call for Lightning Strikes Sessions

The Alberta Association of Academic Libraries (AAAL) Fall 2017 Meeting will take place on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at Norquest College.

The afternoon will begin with a keynote presentation by Dr. Jason Harley, Assistant Professor in Education Psychology from the University of Alberta who will be speaking about Fake News and what academic libraries can do to help.

We invite you to submit a proposal for a 20-minute talk (this includes time for questions) on how your staff, your libraries and/or your constituents engage with information.  What new program, service or space are you and your library providing to your user community?  What new technologies or tools are you using to improve how you, your library, or your users get things done?  Consider submitting your own proposal or encouraging a colleague to submit a proposal.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in Edmonton in November.

AAAL Workshop Committee
Claudette Cloutier (UCalgary)
Angie Mandeville (UAlberta)
Shawna Murphy (MHC)


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