7 Questions with René Martin

October’s installment of 7 Questions With…AAAL Members features René Martin, Director, Learning Services of Alberta College of Art + Design

1. When was the last time you were nervous?Selfie
I am very rarely nervous for myself; however, I have discovered a whole new level of nervousness with my eight year old daughter. Standing back and allowing her to try things, and possibly fail, is so hard. You want to protect your children from failure and hurt, yet as a parent, you know that’s an important life lesson. So I’m so often nervous for my daughter when she puts herself out there, but I put on the brave face so that she can reflect it.

2. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
Be patient. But since I’m pretty sure I’ve missed that boat, speak other languages fluently

3. What is your best piece of life advice?
Learn to laugh at yourself. You cannot take yourself too seriously; if you do, life can be crushing. I think the ability to laugh at yourself translates into the ability to forgive yourself for your failings. With that forgiveness comes the ability to work on those failings, and keep trying until you can feel good about yourself and the choices you made.

4. What are some of your favourite podcasts?
Stuff you Should Know; The Daily by Michael Barbaro; This American Life

5. What do you do when you’re not working?
When I’m not spending time with my husband and daughter, I’m often found reading, enjoying delicious food and cocktails, and hanging out with an absolutely fabulous group of gals. And yes, sometimes all of those things at once.

6. What is your favourite quote?
“Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones”. The Universe (theuniverse@tut.com)

7. Who inspires you?
So many of my inspirations are women. Sadly, we still have to work harder, do more, overcome more, wade through the criticisms that come with it all just to be noticed. Just to be seen as equal. So women who have done this with graciousness, courage and strength are my inspirations. And even those that come through it all with with gracelessness, fear and weakness inspire me, because they still came through it.


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