Reminder 3 AAAL executive positions

There are three exciting AAAL Executive positions up for election at the Spring 2017 AGM on Thursday, April 20, 2017 in Calgary.  If you’re looking for a new way to contribute to the Association or build your CV, please consider putting your name forward! You are also welcome to nominate a colleague from any AAAL member library.

If you are interested in being nominated for any of these positions, or would like further information about the positions, please contact any member of the AAAL Nominations Committee (Samuel Cassady, Jane Duffy, Isobel Rancier) before March 15, 2017. A brief Statement of Interest for each nominee will be sent out 2 weeks before the AGM in April.

Chair (one year position as of April 2017 – formerly a 2 year position)

  • Conduct the Fall Meeting, Annual General Meeting, and Executive Committee meetings;
  • Coordinate meetings: contact hosting institution; ensure Workshop Committee has activities planned;
  • set date and agenda items;
  • Act as spokesperson when representing AAAL to other associations, agencies & government departments;
  • Coordinate with the AAAL Communications Committee to ensure members are aware of new and upcoming meetings.

Chair Elect (one year position as of April 2017 – to transition to Chair after one year)

  • Maintain liaison with other library associations and external organizations, and ensure news and updates of interest to the Association are reported at the Fall Meeting, Annual General Meeting, and via the AAAL blog and social media;
  • Call for standing committee members as needed and ensure standing committee positions are filled;
  • Support and consult with the Chair as needed, sharing duties as the Chair sees fit;
  • Conduct general meetings in Chair’s absence.

Membership Coordinator (2 year position)

  • Maintain current membership records, files and forms for AAAL members and affiliates, along with participants in the Resource Sharing Agreement;
  • Coordinate with the Secretary/Treasurer the collection of membership fees;
  • Coordinate with the AAAL Communications Committee to ensure the website reflects current membership;
  • Create and coordinate the distribution of post-meeting evaluations to membership.

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