Thank you to Augustana Workshop staff

The Augustana Information Literacy Workshops have, over the last 15 years, been exceptional opportunities for academic librarians from Alberta and beyond to learn from some of the most influential information literacy researchers and practitioners. But, more than that, the workshops have also provided a venue for academic librarians from Alberta to build a local community of practice. Each year, we have had an opportunity to connect (or reconnect) with our colleagues around the province, spend a day learning from each other, and to have conversations around our teaching.

To Nancy and Mel, and the rest of the staff at Augustana library, thank you for your commitment to information literacy, and for organizing topics, resources, and presenters to help us grow and connect in our profession. Your commitment and passion inspires librarians across the province!

– Posted on behalf of Red Deer College librarians and the many AAAL members who attended these workshops over the years…


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