AAAL Professional Development Award

Don’t forget to apply to the AAAL Professional Development Award! With the grant now open to applications for technology-related expenses it’s a great opportunity to increase your ability to attend virtual PD opportunities.

Here’s what our previous award recipients had to say about the award and its positive impact:

At the AAAL Annual General Meeting in spring 2020, our team consisting of James Murphy, Carla Lewis, Christena McKillop and Marc Stoeckle from the University of Calgary Libraries & Cultural Resources received the AAAL Professional Development Award. The expanded award was very exciting news for our learning commons team at the Taylor Family Digital Library. We installed a specified workstation, including the awarded camera and microphone, designated for podcast recordings, screen recordings, online conference presentations, zoom sessions, and more. With the new equipment staff in the learning commons will have greater access to attend and engage with professional development opportunities. The Learning Commons staff is currently working on several virtual exhibits such as music exhibitions, book displays, etc. using the technology made possible through the AAAL award. For example, the De-Stress: Virtual Music Exhibition created by Sylvia Polachuk and Marc Stoeckle can be found via

Full details about the award and how to apply can be found on the  AAAL Professional Development Award page. The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 16, 2021


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