Libraries in the time of Covid – AAAL Reintegration Discussion Group

You may be faced with very different questions from those that you were asked last year:

I’m going to be in X-city for a week; will I be able to use their college/university library?

Can I request a book from another library?

Or maybe your supervisors and administrators are asking: What is X-college doing about access to the collection? Student study groups? Checking items back in? Face-to-face research consultations? How are we going to address issues surrounding re-opening our libraries once the pandemic is over? 

The AAAL Reintegration (Covid Planning) Basecamp can help you find answers to those questions and more! TAL has posted a chart with the current status of libraries throughout the province, including building status, collection status, and whether TAL cards are being accepted, and many member libraries have contributed to discussions about instruction, safety, staff support, and more. 

If you are interested in being added to this discussion group please contact Brian Lin or Kelley Wadson

Feel free to post your own questions to the group; someone out there might be mulling over the same issue and be able to provide insight into your situation. Take a look at what others are asking – you may be the wealth of knowledge that they desperately need right now.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

AAAL Reintegration Committee

Cole Boychuk

Brian Lin

Liz Fulton-Lyne

Patti Sherbaniuk

Madelaine Vanderwerff

Caroline Vandriel

Kelley Wadson


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