AAAL Meeting Online in Response to COVID-19

AAAL is postponing the professional development section of our AGM until the Fall. The call for proposals will be revised and extended until September 4, 2020, and Red Deer College has graciously agreed to host in Fall 2020. The date for this Fall 2020 meeting will be determined by the host institution and the committee and communicated in early fall.

We will still have a Spring AGM, but online and asynchronously. This will include:

  • Voting on bylaw changes, which will be emailed and posted on May 1 with an explainer. Voting will remain open until May 22, 2020.
  • Member institutions adding roundtable updates to a shared Google doc
  • Reports from committees and Executive

Committee members that are nearing the end of their terms will be extended until Fall 2020, and a new call for nominations will go out in early fall.

Thanks to everyone for helping coordinate this change; we’re happy to do what we can to keep our communities safe. If you have any questions, please send them our way.


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