7 Questions with Red Crow Community College

This month, we’re excited to start our new 7 Questions with AAAL Institutions blog off with Red Crow Community College.

1. What is the most interesting/unique item or collection in your library?
Blackfoot Special Collection.

2. What is the most interesting/unique program offered at your institution?
Field trips to sacred sites in southern Alberta and the Blood Reserve.

3. What event are you most proud of hosting at your institution or library?
Mikaisto Radio – its programming is to share language, cultural activities, and to highlight our student and college activities.

4. What is one surprising fact about your institution or library?
Our campus burnt in 2015-the former St. Mary’s Residential School on the Blood Reserve.

5. What is the busiest time of year for your institution or library?
September to June

6. What has been a recent change for your institution or library?
New building initiative; very exciting to be part of the planning committee.

7. What is a challenge that your library or institution has overcome?
Funding – we do not receive core funding from federal or provincial governments.



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