AAAL mentorship program seeking mentors

The 2018-19 AAAL mentorship program is ready to run again this year.  We are excited that there has been an increase in both Mentor and Mentee participants, but we are short of Mentors to pair up with the Mentees who’ve applied to participate.  As it is our desire to provide all registered Mentees with the opportunity to connect with established professionals in this province, we encourage those of you who have been on the fence to volunteer!

The goal of the volunteer program is to support career development, share professional advice with those who want to achieve success, promote networking and provide leadership to the profession.

Benefits to Mentors:

  • Developing new relationships and meeting new colleagues in the library community
  • Practicing and refining leadership and coaching skills
  • Getting a fresh perspective and insight into the challenges that face new professionals

Our is not an overly formal program, but our mentees would definitely benefit from your participation!

If you can share a bit of your time and expertise, please complete the Mentor Application Form from the website before October 12.


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