Call for Lightning Strike Sessions

Call for Lightning Strike Sessions

The Alberta Association of Academic Libraries (AAAL) Spring 2017 Meeting will take place on Thursday, April 20, 2017 at Bow Valley College.

We will kick off the afternoon with a keynote related to library space design, which will be followed by our lightning strike talks.

We invite you to submit a proposal for a 20 minute talk (this includes time for questions) on something new or engaging that is happening in your library, or on a topic applicable to academic libraries in our province! What new program, service or space are you and your library providing to your user community?  What new technologies or tools are you using to improve how you, your library, or your users get things done.

To complement our keynote presentation related to library space design, we also invite you to submit before and after pictures of your space or library redesign or construction project.  We will put together a slide show to be shown over the lunch break of everyone’s projects.  Include the name of your institution, the title of the project and a brief description of what you achieved. By Monday April 10, 2017, please submit these to Shawna Murphy ( who will coordinate the presentation.

We hope to see you in Calgary in April!

AAAL Workshop Committee
Claudette Cloutier (UCalgary)
Shawna Murphy (MHC)
Trish Rosseel (UAlberta)


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