Call for nominations: AAAL Executive Committee positions

The AAAL Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for the following 2 AAAL Executive Committee positions, in preparation for elections which will take place at the Spring AGM.


Responsibilities include: attending executive meetings, taking minutes of meetings and executive committee, keeping accurate records of AAAL accounts, submitting accounting records to auditors,  submitting reports at each general meeting and biannual reports to the chair.


Responsibilities include: attending executive meetings, maintaining liaison with other library associations, calling for standing committee members as needed, conducting general meetings in Chair’s absence, submitting biannual reports to the chair, and performing other duties as assigned by the Chair.

To nominate a AAAL member or put forward your own name, please contact a member of the nominations committee (Samuel Cassady, Jane Duffy, or Isobel Rancier) by March 11, 2016. For more information, please refer to the AAAL Bylaws.


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