7 Questions with Mary Weasel Fat

December’s installment of 7 Questions With… AAAL Members features Mary Weasel Fat, Library Coordinator, Red Crow Community College Resource Centre

Mary_WF1. When was the last time you were nervous?  I was kind of nervous at the TAL meeting in November when I did the RCCC fire update but once I got going I felt like I couldn’t stop talking.

2. Have you ever had something happen to you that you thought was bad, but it turned out to be for the best?  The RCCC fire of August 2015 which destroyed the campus including the library-it was a blessing in disguise as we have a new campus located at the Old Saipoyi (Standoff) Elementary School and we will be building a new college campus to be completed in two years. We hope to build our dream library/archives in this facility-New Beginnings-Looking Forward.

3. If you had to work on only one project for the next year, what would it be? Setting up the RCCC Archives.

4. What is your favourite thing to binge watch? Reign TV show

5. What is your proudest work-related accomplishment? Receiving the LAA President’s Award for helping to set up the Kainai Public Library on my Reserve-Kainai First Nation. The award burnt in the RCCC fire in August along with some other awards I received.

6. What is your proudest non-work related accomplishment? My daughter Maya and my grandson Ryder Maxwell.

7. What is your favourite colour? Turquoise


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