NorQuest Library’s New Website

NorQuest Library is thrilled to show off its new website

The library team began a client-centred website redesign project back in January 2014. We started by surveying college staff and students. We asked about the usability of our existing site and asked for input on a wishlist of features. We gathered data about mobile and device use. We even have a good idea why our clients are accessing our website. At the end of the survey, we asked interested students to participate in one of two focus groups. In these sessions we picked our top five websites and asked students to comment on their various features. Did you know anything with too many words on it represents “an essay”! The information gathered from our clients was combined with best practices to build the site we have today. The College’s adoption of Kentico CMS enabled a fully responsive design. The library staff retain full control over website content. The site is fluid and ever changing. It is a constant work in progress. This site is a giant leap forward for NorQuest Library Services and we are grateful for the hard work and dedication of the web development staff in our Marketing division. Onwards and upwards.
– Posted on behalf of Eve Poirier, Head Librarian, NorQuest Library Services


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