Please provide your feedback: New Vision, Mission and Values

At the Spring 2013 AAL meeting, members began the process of brainstorming the updated vision, mission and goals/values for AAAL as they have not been reviewed in quite some time. The Executive has also worked on revising these statements. Please submit your comments/feedback on the following new statements; we will bring a summary of your ideas to the Fall 2013 meeting for final review.
Existing Vision:
Promote excellence in college and technical institute libraries in Alberta
Suggested New Vision:
Collaborate to achieve innovation and excellence in Alberta academic libraries.
Existing Mission:
Facilitate communication, planning and cooperation among college and technical institute libraries. AAAL also promotes continuing education opportunities and assists in professional development endeavors.
Suggested New Mission:
Facilitate collaboration and professional development opportunities for staff in Alberta academic libraries.
Existing Values:
Promotes the following values:
·         Lifelong learning
·         Professional development
·         Cooperation/collaboration networking
·         Diversity of duties and responsibilities associated with college and technical librarianship
·         Communication
Suggested New Values: 
We value:
·         Collaboration
·         Sharing Knowledge
·         Sharing Resources
·         Innovation
·         Professional Growth
·         Student Success
·         Diversity
·         Quality Service
·         Lifelong Learning

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