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AAAL Call for Executive and Sub-Committee Positions

The Alberta Association of Academic Libraries (AAAL) is seeking volunteers for the following Executive Committee and Sub-Committee positions, in preparation for our Fall 2020 Meeting (dates and details forthcoming).   All staff from AAAL member institutions ( are eligible for all AAAL positions. We ask that for Executive Committee roles (we accept nominations or self-nominations) that interested candidates include a brief statement of interest in your email.  For Sub-Committee positions, an expression of interest is all that is required.   Join us!!

Executive Nominations can be forwarded to:

Jessie Loyer (

Sub-Committee expressions of interest can be forwarded to:

Madelaine Vanderwerff (

The deadline for applications/nominations is Friday, October 16th, 2020

For a brief description of roles please see below. 

Executive Committee Vacancies

Chair-Elect (2-3 year term – first as Chair-Elect, second year as chair, third year as Member at Large/Nominations)

Responsibilities include:

  • Call for volunteers for executive and standing committee positions as needed and ensure positions are filled and elections carried out as needed; 
  • Communicate changes to the Executive and Committee roster, including position terms,  to the Communications Committee. 
  • Conduct general meetings in the Chair’s absence; 
  • Perform other duties as designated by the Chair; 
  • Submit written bi-annual reports to the Chair for inclusion in meeting packages three weeks prior to Fall and Annual General Meetings 
  • Assist the Chair in conducting the Annual General Meeting e.g. leading the roundtable discussions.
  • Assist Chair in coordinating Executive and Sub-Committee meetings
  • Attend Statistics & Assessments Meetings as an ex-Officio member
  • Solicit applications for the Professional Development Award and oversee award disbursement.

Secretary (2-year term) 

Responsibilities include:

  • Take minutes of Fall and Annual General meetings and coordinate distribution with Communications Committee
  • Assist the Chair in assembling meeting packages for Fall and Annual General Meetings
  • Take minutes of Executive Committee meetings and distribute to the executive; 
  • Submit written bi-annual reports to the Chair for inclusion in meeting packages three weeks prior to Fall and Annual General Meetings;
  • Create and coordinate the distribution of post-meeting evaluations to membership;
  • Analyze responses from post-meeting evaluations, report to the Executive Committee and standing committees and make recommendations as appropriate;  
  • Maintain Google Drive access for Executive and Committee members, as needed
  • Attend Executive Meetings;

Treasurer  (2-year term)  

Responsibilities include

  • Maintain current financial and membership records, including a record of participants in the Resource Sharing Agreement;
  • Collect membership fees; 
  • Welcome new members by email with an acknowledgment of membership fees received and a link to the AAAL’s governing documents;
  • Coordinate with the AAAL Communications Committee to ensure the website reflects current membership; 
  • Coordinate with Chair to send out RSVP to members for Fall and Annual General Meetings, and ensure voting members or proxy are in attendance; 
  • Create and coordinate the distribution of post-meeting evaluations to membership; 
  • Analyze responses from post-meeting evaluations, report to the Executive Committee and standing committees and make recommendations as appropriate;
  • Submit the Treasurer’s report at each general meeting; 
  • Submit accounting records to the Auditors annually and submit the audited statement to the provincial government; 
  • Submit written bi-annual reports to the Chair for inclusion in meeting packages Fall and Annual General Meetings; 
  • Assist in the distribution of Professional Development Award and paying of honoraria for invited speakers
  • Attend Executive Meetings. 

Sub-Committee Vacancies

Statistics and Assessment – 1 vacancy (2-year term)

Responsibilities include:

  • Collect the annual AAAL statistics from each member institution; 
  • Compile statistics and deposit in University of Alberta Dataverse
  • Ensure digital preservation and storage of AAAL statistics; 
  • Distribute the completed statistics via the AAAL website; 
  • Report on statistical trends and developments at the AAAL Annual General Meeting and Fall Meeting;
  • Identify assessment topics of interest to AAAL membership and lead/oversee inquiry in these areas

Communications Committee – 1 vacancy (2-year term)

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate communications of the AAAL including all social media accounts and the AAAL blog; 
  • Solicit and distribute news items from members on a regular basis; 
  • Coordinate with the Executive Committee to maintain and update the AAAL website; 
  • Develop and maintain content posting and distribution guidelines, to be approved by the Executive Committee
  • Maintain the AAAL listserv.

Learning and Development Committee -2 vacancies (2-year term)

Responsibilities include:

  • In coordination with Executive Committee, plan the professional development portion of the Fall and Annual General meetings, including identifying theme, managing the call for, and evaluation of, presentation proposals, arranging keynote presenter(s) 
  • Coordinate with other committees to fulfill activities related to Fall and Annual General meetings, including: with Communications Committee, compile and post-workshop/presentation materials; provide input to Secretary on post-meeting assessments 
  • Solicit and/or identify remote and in-person programming opportunities throughout the year, in addition to Fall/Annual General meetings

Mentorship Committee – 1 vacancy (2-year term)

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate annual AAAL mentorship program cycle (Sept-April);
  • Ensure currency of the Mentorship Program page on the AAAL website as needed; 
  • Pair mentors and mentees and offer program participants support as needed across the term of the program; 
  • Solicit and review feedback from program participants

Workplace Reintegration/ Best Practices (Ad Hoc) Working Group – 4 members (1-2year term)

  • Conduct an environmental scan, investigating how other provincial or state academic library associations are providing support and guidance to their membership through the pandemic
  • Establish a communication mechanism to be used among AAAL members to information share about various institution’s plans and best practices for re-entry (as a result of Covid-19 closures)
  • Depending on need, establish a best practice guide relating to the various issues academic libraries are currently faced with, including (but not limited to), the maintenance and cleaning of public spaces, access to resources, employee safety etc. 

Please let us know if you have any questions and thanks so much for considering!
Madelaine (AAAL Chair) & Jessie (AAAL Past-Chair)

Stronger Together Virtual Conference – Oct 2020

Stronger Together Virtual Conference

Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Approaches to Connection and Collaboration.

Parkland Regional Library System, The Alberta Library, Peace Library System & Yellowhead Regional Library are pleased to announce their joint virtual conference:

Stronger Together.

Stronger Together is the first fully virtual conference for the Alberta public library community, and features 4 keynote speakers, 24 sessions, networking and vendor opportunities, all presented in a virtual environment. Registration is free but seats are limited. Visit our website to pre-register.

Join us on October 1 & 2, 2020  as we become Stronger Together.

 Registration opens August 7, 2020 

AAAL Meeting Online in Response to COVID-19

AAAL is postponing the professional development section of our AGM until the Fall. The call for proposals will be revised and extended until September 4, 2020, and Red Deer College has graciously agreed to host in Fall 2020. The date for this Fall 2020 meeting will be determined by the host institution and the committee and communicated in early fall.

We will still have a Spring AGM, but online and asynchronously. This will include:

  • Voting on bylaw changes, which will be emailed and posted on May 1 with an explainer. Voting will remain open until May 22, 2020.
  • Member institutions adding roundtable updates to a shared Google doc
  • Reports from committees and Executive

Committee members that are nearing the end of their terms will be extended until Fall 2020, and a new call for nominations will go out in early fall.

Thanks to everyone for helping coordinate this change; we’re happy to do what we can to keep our communities safe. If you have any questions, please send them our way.

AAAL COVID-19 Response

We’ve heard your concerns about our AGM on May 1, 2020 at Red Deer College. The AAAL Executive is taking COVID-19 seriously; we’re listening to guidance from Alberta Health Services and our host institution.

Our team is exploring options for moving the meeting online by considering open source software like Jitsi and learning from those who have held online conferences, as well as postponing or cancelling the meeting.

We’ll let you know if the meeting will be cancelled, postponed, or moved online by April 1. Until then, wash your hands and stay safe!

AAAL Spring 2020 Meeting – Save the Date & Call for Proposals

Please mark your calendars! The Alberta Association of Academic Libraries (AAAL) Spring 2020 meeting and AGM will be held on May 1, 2020 at Red Deer College in Red Deer, Alberta.

AAAL, in its latest incarnation, is 10 years old! We know our AAAL member libraries have been changing right along with us and we want to hear about your work along the theme of Transitions: A Decade of Development. What transitions have you seen in your library over the last decade? What great accomplishments, transitions or developments would you like to share that will inspire your colleagues?

We invite staff from AAAL member libraries to submit a proposal to share your experiences, research, and lessons learned along the conference theme. For this meeting we would also like to invite members to highlight any other work you would like to showcase at this professional learning and sharing event. What new program, service, or space are you/your library providing to your users? What technologies or tools are you using to improve how you, your library, or your users get things done?

Presentations can be either:

  • 5 minute lightning talk that is a quick overview of your ideas, experience, and programs/services OR
  • 30 minute session that can include ideas, experiences, original research, engaging discussion questions or activities

Submit your proposal by Monday, March 23rd. Successful presenters will be contacted between March 30th and April 6th.

Seeking financial support to attend and present at the meeting? We encourage you to apply for an AAAL Professional Development Award.

Wondering how we’ll select sessions? Take a look at our rubric and use it as a guide for your proposal.

We look forward to hearing from you!