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AAAL Spring AGM – Save the Date and Call for Proposals

Mark your calendars. The Alberta Association of Academic Libraries (AAAL) Spring AGM will take place Thursday, May 6th, 2021 hosted virtually in partnership with MacEwan University. Meeting link forthcoming. 

We are now in our second year of the global pandemic and a repositioning of post-secondary education in Alberta. These events have highlighted inequities for minority groups and concerns about employment stability, training, recruitment, culture and working conditions. It is time to reconceptualize our professional identities, our roles in academia and the nature of our work.

The theme for AAAL’s Spring 2021 meeting is Working together…when we’re working apart. You are invited to submit proposals for presentations exploring how recent events have affected library workers and their relationships with patrons, colleagues or workload. What projects and collaborations have resulted from challenges faced in the last year? Have new or unexpected (unlikely?!) partnerships developed between groups, departments or institutions?  We particularly encourage the participation of staff who are not librarians (technicians, assistants, specialists etc.).

Proposals can be for either a: 

  • 5 minute lightning talk that is a quick overview of your ideas, experience, and programs/services,


  • 20 to 30 minute presentation that can include ideas, experiences, original research, engaging discussion questions or activities.

Please note that the final timing and duration of the day is still to be determined.

Submit your proposal by Wednesday, March 31st. Successful presenters will be contacted within the following week. 

Do you require financial support to attend or present at the meeting? We encourage you to apply for an AAAL Professional Development Award, whose scope has extended to be inclusive of technological peripheral support.  

Wondering how we’ll select sessions? Take a look at our Rubric for Selecting AAAL Sessions and use it as a guide for your proposal.

We look forward to hearing from you! 


The AAAL Workshop Committee: 

Lucinda Johnston, Jessica Leslie, Carla Lewis, Sarah Shaughnessy, Kelley Wadson

Libraries in the time of Covid – AAAL Reintegration Discussion Group

You may be faced with very different questions from those that you were asked last year:

I’m going to be in X-city for a week; will I be able to use their college/university library?

Can I request a book from another library?

Or maybe your supervisors and administrators are asking: What is X-college doing about access to the collection? Student study groups? Checking items back in? Face-to-face research consultations? How are we going to address issues surrounding re-opening our libraries once the pandemic is over? 

The AAAL Reintegration (Covid Planning) Basecamp can help you find answers to those questions and more! TAL has posted a chart with the current status of libraries throughout the province, including building status, collection status, and whether TAL cards are being accepted, and many member libraries have contributed to discussions about instruction, safety, staff support, and more. 

If you are interested in being added to this discussion group please contact Brian Lin or Kelley Wadson

Feel free to post your own questions to the group; someone out there might be mulling over the same issue and be able to provide insight into your situation. Take a look at what others are asking – you may be the wealth of knowledge that they desperately need right now.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

AAAL Reintegration Committee

Cole Boychuk

Brian Lin

Liz Fulton-Lyne

Patti Sherbaniuk

Madelaine Vanderwerff

Caroline Vandriel

Kelley Wadson

Honouring Indigenous Writers on Wikipedia 2021 Events

For the past several years UBC Library, the First Nations and Indigenous Studies program, and event sponsors (see below) have organized  the Honouring Indigenous Writers Wikipedia Edit-a-thon. This edit-a-thon event, inspired by Daniel Heath Justice’s twitter campaign of the same name, seeks to bring community editors together to work on editing Wikipedia entries for Indigenous authors in an attempt to tackle the systemic bias of Wikipedia while also trying to raise the profile of Indigenous writers.

Instead of the annual in-person event this year the organizing team has put together a schedule of free events and Wikipedia-related activities designed for virtual participation throughout the month of March 2021. The events include:

These events and activities are free and open to anyone to participate. Please join us at our kickoff event and reading with Smokii Sumac on February 24th at 7:00pm PST, and learn more about the other events we have planned! You can also read more at the HIW home page, and at the HIW Wikipedia Meetup Page.

We would also appreciate your support of the event by helping to promote it through your listservs, social media accounts, and other spaces to help raise awareness of Indigenous literature and engage in open community knowledge creation. 

The event team has developed a number of social media assets in a variety of sizes for ease of sharing. The assets can be downloaded here:

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and thank you in advance for any support you can give in making this event a success. Thank you to event sponsors, the Institute for Critical Indigenous StudiesIron Dog BooksBCcampus, and the UBC Bookstore

CALL FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST: National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) Advisory Committee

The National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) envisions a future in which digital access to Canada’s diverse documentary heritage is comprehensive, ubiquitous, and has a profound impact on Canadian culture, education, research, and innovation. 

The National Heritage Digitization Strategy (NHDS) invites expressions of interest from the GLAM (gallery,  library, archive, and museum) community to join the NHDS Advisory Committee. The NHDS Advisory  Committee is an unincorporated body whose members are aligned in engaging the Canadian library,  archive, and museum community and Canadian creators in sharing expertise, to facilitate the digitization,  preservation, and discovery of Canadian heritage. The NHDS Advisory Committee is accountable to the  broader GLAM community which it endeavours to represent. The Chair of the Advisory Committee reports  on its activities to the NHDS Executive Committee. 

Membership in the NHDS Advisory Committee is limited to Canadian public or not-for-profit GLAM (gallery, library, archives, and museum) organizations, committed to, and with a demonstrated investment in the digitization of, preservation of, and access to Canadian heritage. 

Expressions of interest will be reviewed and considered by the NHDS Executive Committee to ensure  representation and balance of expertise on the committee.  

For more information on the NHDS Advisory Committee, please consult the Terms of Reference and the NHDS website

The NHDS Advisory Committee meets on a quarterly basis via teleconference. A rough estimate of the time  commitment required for serving on the group follows:  

4 teleconferences * 2 hours = 8 hours 

1 hour prep-time per meeting = 4 hours 

Individual work outside of meetings (2 hours * 12 months) = 24 hours 

Total Annual Commitment = 36 hours 

NHDS Advisory Committee members may also be called to serve on Working Groups or Task Groups with  an additional time commitment. 

To submit an expression of interest, please complete and send the Expression of Interest form to Georgia Ashworth ( by February 23, 2021, which includes: 

  • Contact information  
  • Brief biographical details and relevant work experience to illustrate expertise in and enthusiasm for the  work of the committee 
  • Assurance that this workload and time commitment meets with approval of the candidate’s immediate  supervisor, if applicable 

Fall 2020 Post-Meeting Survey

Hello AAAL members,

Thank you so much for taking the time to join the online version of our Fall 2020 meeting, hosted by Red Deer College.  We are very interested to hear your feedback about your experience, and any suggestions about future content for our Spring Meeting.  Please find the survey here. It will remain open until January 5, 2021.

Also, please consider if your institution is interested in hosting the Spring 2021 Meeting. We anticipate that this meeting will also be held virtually, so this may be a great opportunity for those members who are limited by travel. If you would like to put your name forward or have any questions about what hosting entails, please connect with Madelaine (AAAL Chair)

A few additional notes/reminders about the meeting:

  • There has been a lot of follow up about where folks can view presentations. The Learning and Development Committee is currently working with presenters to seek permission to share their slides.  Expect a blog post, as well as a link to select presentations in the minutes. And consider signing up for the AAAL newsletter to receive the latest and greatest updates from the organization.
  • We are still seeking expressions of interest to serve as Secretary on the Executive Board (2-year term) and the Statistics and Assessment Sub-Committee (2-year term).  Please reach out to Alison Foster if you are interested (

Thank you in advance for your time. And we wish everyone a restful Winter break.


The AAAL Executive + Committee Members